Saturday, May 28, 2005

What kind of blogger is she, really?

Sure, Dooced is part of our language now. But what's she done for the blogosphere since?

Certainly, being linked, for whatever reason, from Dooce's site can do to your bandwidth something similar to being linked from /., but big deal, so can being linked by Slate. And honestly, I think Slate's done more for blogging then Dooce does.

What kind of blogger is this Armstrong woman? Sure, Good Morning America thinks she's a news worthy person, but I think she's a sad example of what makes a good blogger.

Aside from the obvious fact that she was stupid enough to get fired for posting nasty things about her old co-workers, she does not bother to participate in the blogosphere. There's certainly a consensus, at least here at Bloggity News, that good bloggers should be apart of blogging, not just someone who posts to a site. is more of a personal news site then a blog. There is no room for comments, sure you can send her emails, but how does that create conversation, something that so many fabulous bloggers willingly engage in, and often encourage. You can't see what others think, and we can only guess at the real amount "love" this woman receives.

Since Ms. Armstrong so sweetly offers up her personal address on her home page, it seems like a slightly sweeter version of if-you-love-me-as-much-as-everyone-else-does-this-is-where-to-send -the-gifts. Why not list your cell number? That way we can actually contact you, rather then be put off by your obvious desire to make yourself the least accessible blogger ever.

Rarely, if ever, are comments seen left on other blogs by Dooce, herself. Not only is she so self certain that the woman cares not if anyone wishes to stalk her, or come steal her child, she feels no need to go out and share her fabulous self with other bloggers. We must all go to her, and the hard way, since we can't even say "hi" in a comment, and she readily admits she rarely answers emails because she gets oh so many.

In reality, it's unfair to other bloggers, the ones who work hard to make the blogosphere a friendly and welcoming place to have Dooce considered on of us. Just because she was stupid enough, by her own account, to have gotten herself fired for her posting, does not a blogger make.

Real bloggers read, write, and participate. They engage their audience, and add to the blogosphere. They give to the blogging world, and share the good and the bad of what truly is blogging. They link and give back to bloggers, and blogging, the love they receive.

While some may consider to be an A-list blog, we most certainly do not. Good Morning America may be deluded enough to come to her home, and interview her, and listen to her story, we'd like to see this woman stop milking the blogiverse. There are many bloggers who actually deserve the credit and attention, who are better writers and more engaged in the blogging world.

The only thing Dooce is doing duping the rest of the world, but not us. We say show us some commentary, some commitment, and a bit of giving back, and maybe, one day, Ms. Armstrong will deserve an ounce of the attention she's received.

posted by: Julian

Friday, May 27, 2005

poll- nobody knows who the fuck tony pierce is

he may be a blogebrity and all. like i don't know why, i mean, whatthefuck is up with that hair??? hello, mr tony pierce, the circus called and they want their clown back! but seriously, we did a poll of, like, real people - you know, kinda going up to people on the street and saying hi, how are you, how's it going, oh are those real prada i'm betting they're not, and would you believe this? NOONE KNOWS WHO TONY PIERCE IS!! well ok one guy, but he had thickrimmed glasses and jeans and was wearing an old metallica metal up your ass t-shirt, and i would totally not fuck him even tho he kept pinching my ass with his fat little computer geek hands. so gross.

posted by: anissa

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Coming soon to a blog near you!

Have you ever wondered what really happens in the blogosphere?

We all know that bloggers comment, chat, and even meet up, but what's really happening behind the scenes? Who's really friends, and who just comments like one? Is there more going on at those friendly blogmeets then never gets blogged?

Have you ever wondered if you were missing out on the truly blogworthy things that are going on?

Well, look no further!

Bloggity News is here to bring you all the dirty details of what's happening in the back rooms of blogging!

And coming soon, an exclusive Bloggity News look into Blog Orgy 2006!

Watch the sexual tensions of the blogosphere spill over into the real world! Hearts will be broken. Tears will be shed. Kids will be left asking, "Mommy, why is daddy touching that other lady?"

Mind you, you won't be able to register - but you'll know if you're worthy enough to attend. Oh yes, you will know soon...